Discovering Yourself

Discovering Yourself In Adventure Travel

David Hibbins Hiking and loving life. Adventure travel with sunglasses.

If there’s anything undeniable about traveling, it is that you emerge richer at the end of it. Far richer than the money you have spent on those trips in exchange for tickets, lost luggage, buses, and memory cards.

I certainly ended up being the richest man on Earth during my travel through Asia. Not only did I discover untapped parts of my personality, but I also found my perfect life partner and with her, a family that means the world to me.

David Hibbins is an adventurer, a Marine Biologist, and an active member of the Coast Guard on the Sunshine Coast. He’s fond of sailing, biking, hiking, and traveling because he believes adventure travel opens up your mind to new experiences and allows you to assess your reactions in understanding more clearly who you want to be in this big world.

Traveling is the single best decision you can make for yourself. Here are my major takeaways…

Adventure travel is exhilarating, nerve-racking, and possibly the best decision you make for yourself. My journey of self-discovery through traveling and spending time at the sea has given me great life lessons.

But before we begin, I just want you to know that it’s okay to be scared.

I was scared too, yet I still took a leap of faith. It’s super-healthy to get out of your comfort zones and your daily routines. We’re all citizens of the world, and we shouldn’t spend our lives only confined to a couple of places, anyway.

1. You’ve got to discover new passions

Nobody asks you to spend life in a linear motion. School, university, marriage, career, children, death. The world is full of new possibilities, new cultures, and new people. Exposing yourself to these new territories brings an entirely new set of traditions, each with its quirks and perks. Your adrenaline will rush when you hike through the fjords in Norway. Your heart will sing to the operatic lyrics of Italian plays. You will resonate deeply with the wine cultivation in Mendoza.

It’s totally okay to flirt with several interests simultaneously. Who knows, you’ll fall in love with a brand-new passion you didn’t know you had in you?

2. You’ve got to experience the fear

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. And once you’ve overcome that mini heart attack of jumping off a cliff in Peru or swimming with sharks in Australia, you would feel more alive than ever before. Suddenly, the experience of adventure travel will make you crave Round Two. That’s exactly what traveling does to your personal development. It makes you self-confident, more independent, and more appreciative of your surroundings.

And gradually, it makes you grow out of your insecurities and doubts, evolving you into a fearless individual.

3. You learn 100 years of lessons in 1 week

When you make the last train right on time without consulting schedules, befriend doctors when ill, or run into amazing friends (possibly a life partner) on the road – you realize that the world knows better. In that assurance, we let go of our worries and trust the plans.

Traveling also helps strengthen our beliefs of other cultures. Conviction is based on experience, and when we see the world through the lens of others, we become more accepting. We let go of a fixed right or wrong and stretch our values to become more inclusive.

Take it from me , David Hibbins – travel is the best teacher you can have. In a foreign land, every instance is an opportunity to learn. New words, new languages, new flavours, new activities, new traditions, new dances, and so much more.

The key takeaway: when you get back home, leverage your adventure travel experiences as chances to grow into the best version of yourself.

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