Adventure Travel – Why We Love Sailing the OceanĀ 

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Sailing – David Hibbins Adventure Travel

Being on an adventure on some deep, blue, and wide water is an experience not to be forgotten. Adventure travel provides the tools of restorative adventure to bring the real meaning of life. The reality of life is that it isn’t offered twice. We should try to go for an adventure at least once in life. When there is something missing in life add an adventure.

Regardless of how far inland we live, something about the ocean always calls to us. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint experiences. Being on board, we can explore the Greek Islands, the Andaman Sea, the Turquoise Coast, the Adriatic, the Whitsunday Islands and other fascinating spots. Becoming the captain of your life through sailing and adventure travel is a feeling you never forget.

A Way to Escape

In this chaotic world, there can be a way to soak in the silence. When adventurers find a way down to the water, you will find the relaxing swish of the bow cutting through the water and pleasing touch of the waves. Floating weightlessly in the blue, you’ll feel more comfortable, present, and inclined to take on any challenge when you return to the world of dry land.

Adventure Travel In The Ocean Restores Health

Adventure travel can contribute to the health and reduce the inflammation that effects cardiovascular breakdown, depression, and autoimmune diseases. Looking at the ocean triggers receptors in the brain, resulting in the production of dopamine. The line where blue meets blue creates everlasting changes on our horizon.

It’s Home to The Numerous Exquisite Creatures

Sunset Whales Resurgence Travel David Hibbins

Glory of Whales – Resurgence Travel

The ocean literally is life. Four billion years ago, the first-ever form of life developed in the sea, and over 200,000 distinct species has been recognised. Researchers uncover new aquatic species daily. This is far from finished, which means there is a lot to explore and adventure. Despite the extensive biodiversity under the water, only 5% of the ocean is protected.

The guided adventure is also a great choice to experience water for the first time. There is a lot to see and discover about the ocean, so much marine life. Wearing a wetsuit, take your adventure travel to the next level and start exploring 50-80% of all life on earth that inhabit the ocean.

Creatures like the Blue whale, one of the most giant living animals having a heart the size of a small tree. Loving these spectacular dwellers of the deep is so easy.

Living a Dream and a Full Life

Resurgence Sailing Adventure Travel David Hibbins

Sailing through the ocean has so many bonuses to attract everyone when it comes to adventure travel. All the ingredients needed to build memories, including blue water, deep and wide underwater ranges to explore, underwater life, and the sweet horizon. Collect the memories as everyone has limited time. We love it so much we created Resurgence Travel to bring our passions into or lives.