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David Hibbins Adventure Travel - Gerai Beach
Gerai Beach, Royal National Park – David Hibbins Adventure Travel

Australia is a country that inspires adventure travel. From white sand beaches and coral-filled oceans to vast red deserts and lush tropical rainforests – it’s a nation that’s made for adventure travel. Even the concept of bushwalking has been practised for almost 65,000 years by indigenous people, so hiking and exploring is nothing new for the locals!

Sensing a gap for adventure travel in Australia, David Hibbins – avid sailor, hiker, and general outdoor lover – created Resurgence Travel, a company aimed at bringing excitement into people’s lives. Through hiking and outdoor adventures, Resurgence Travel offers the opportunity to seize the good times and make the most of life through outdoor experiences. In doing so, Resurgence Travel now offer packages for adventure travel in Australia that includes hiking, mountain biking, sailing, and multi-day excursions. On these trips, you will experience the real Australia while discovering yourself in ways you never thought possible. To kick off the wanderlust, here are the top 5 adventure hikes in Australia.

Kings Canyon Rim and Creek, Watarrka National Park

2-3 hours – 7.5 km

When people think of the Red Centre, they often only consider Uluru, the Australian icon and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recently, a law was passed to prevent anyone from walking on the sacred rock.

This means that more people are hiking around the base instead making the experience a lot busier. For a hike that’s more isolated and off the beaten track in the Outback, head to Kings Canyon.

Many travellers fly into Alice Springs and drive straight to Uluru to explore the Red Rock. What they don’t know is that a small diversion to Kings Canyon takes you to one of the best adventure hikes in Australia. From the parking lot, you will ascend a steep staircase to the top of a red sandstone ridge before curling back down to your car. From this vantage point, you can see dust devils swirling across the Outback and kangaroos thumping over the plains. A true Australian experience.

The Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary, Blue Mountains National Park

4-6 hours – 15 km

The Blue Mountains are in the perfect location for a weekend getaway from Sydney. Katoomba is an old miner’s town turned backpacker-haven accessible by a 1.5-hour drive from the city.

From Katoomba, you can walk to the outskirts of town to Echo Point. From here, you get sensational views towards the Three Sisters rock formation and down into the vast canyon of the National Park.

However, a viewpoint hardly qualifies as one of the best adventure hikes in Australia. To truly appreciate the wilderness in this area, you need to descend into the valley basin. You will venture down the Golden Staircase and through the jungle before climbing up to the magnificent viewpoint atop Mount Solitary.

Mount Sorrow Ridge, Daintree National Park

3-4 hours – 7 km

Most travellers visit tropical Queensland for the Great Barrier Reef. Few make it past the city of Cairns which in many ways represents the end of the beaten track in the northern corner of the state. Unfortunately, they miss out on the amazing Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.

In this landscape, you will experience a world far removed from the dust and deserts of southern and central Australia. Daintree is a lush ecosystem filled with tropical birds, spectacular wildlife, and tumbling water features. This is a tough bushwalk that rises steeply through the dense rainforest. From the summit, you will be rewarded with commanding views over Cape Tribulation and even out towards the Great Barrier Reef on a clear day.

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach, Freycinet National Park

3-4 hours – 11.5 km

Tasmania is undoubtedly home to many of the best adventure hikes in Australia. The Overland Track is one of the toughest but most rewarding hikes on the island. It’s a 65 km walking path that stretches through rugged moorland and high alpine peaks.

For a shorter adventure, look towards Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania. Here you will hike along the Freycinet Peninsula to one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

With white sand and a crescent shape, the aptly named Wineglass Bay is a true highlight for hikers. This trail follows a mountain track along the coastline and down to Hazards Beach. If you wish to bring a tent, it’s possible to extend your trip and camp in the National Park.

Great Ocean Walk, Great Otway National Park

4-8 days – 96 km

David Hibbins Adventure Travel Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Walk – David Hibbins Adventure Travel

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous road trips in all of Australia. Stretching 240 km along the coast of Victoria, this route follows the mesmeric rock formations of the 12 Apostles, as the road weaves in and out of sweeping bays and limestone headlands.

For a more in-depth look at this stretch of coastline, one can attempt the Great Ocean Walk. This is a challenging multi-day hike that will take most participants a week to finish. This hike is on the bucket list of many walkers seeking adventure travel in Australia. The trail crosses empty beaches, wind-blown headlands, and long stretches of heathland. Each night, you can pitch your tent on the coast and fall asleep to the sound of waves from the Southern Ocean. It’s a challenging but rewarding trail that easily qualifies as one of the best adventure hikes in Australia

Final Tips

You don’t always have to venture deep into the outback in search of adventure travel in Australia. In Sydney, you can embark on the famous Bondi to Coogee walk. Alternatively, you can follow the coastal path from Taronga up to Balmoral or even to Manly and the northern beaches. Resurgence Travel can offer many opportunities to discover the limitless treks in Australia.

There are also fantastic hikes at many locations along the east coast. The coastal trail around Noosa Heads to the Fairy Pools, jungle walks on Fraser Island, and the Cape Byron trail all come to mind. Clearly, there is no shortage of fantastic hikes Down Under, and this list only provides a sample of the opportunities for adventure travel in Australia.

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