Hello! I am.

David Hibbins

Resurgence Group

Principal since March 2020
Sunshine Coast Australia

David Hibbins

Here And Now

Resurgence Group was founded in 2019. A new adventure.

After completing long-term engagements, closing multiple businesses, it was time. A time to break free. An opportunity to travel through Asia. This period was crucial for the development of my next stage. It came when I had lost direction.

Resurgence is a product of that journey.

A realisation of things not considered

The Environment

We are taking and not giving back – a tragedy that so many people had already seen, my eyes were not open. Most of my life had been dedicated to business actively engaged in destroying the environment. It has to stop.

Our People

Most of us are striving to be loved and to love. In that process we lose our way from time to time. We must care about ourselves, each other and do more to help each and every person that we can.

Our Lives

Until Resurgence I had led a life of service to others, woefully I had not been helping those people who really needed or deserved it. In life it is easy to be caught in something beyond ourselves and lose our way. We owe it to ourselves  to find our true path.

My aim in life is simple – it is to keep it real. Life really is short and should be lived.

You can learn how I decided to help the world

What Came Before

BCD Group

Senior Consultant 2011 – 2019
Gold Coast, Australia

David Hibbins

Starting BCD Group along with my associates Bruce Tilley and Craig McDermott was a dream come true.

All my life I had wanted to be good at business. Every day I read, watched and listened anything business. Searched out mentors. Started doing business  with one of my childhood idols.

Working at BCD Group while a dream was also intense. We had so many businesses that were being managed, so many clients to look after. The high levels of pressure of this culminated in a decision to wind down operations in late 2019.
In our portfolio we had business ranging from Venture Capital, Accounting Firms, IT Consultancy, Block Chain Technology Developers and were one of the few successful groups to be approved for Early-Stage Venture Capital funding.
We partnered with some amazing people like MS Dhoni to promote various events. And we traveled internationally with our products.

Under our consultancy banner, we worked with some very influential people who had helped make lasting and significant changes in the world.

Successful Directions

Principal 2000 – 2011
Accounting & Business Coaching

David Hibbins

Business success was the forefront of my mind in this business. Taking all of my knowledge about financial performance and the integration of technology and human resources to produce the best result for the business was our mission.

Accounting is very formulated and a completely necessary part of business and life. Business Coaching allowed me to apply that knowledge to help people exceed their expectations and create a life that they wanted.

During this time I continued to consult directly with major clients applying my extensive knowledge as a CFO and helping chart those financial obstacles that business can present

First Sate Group

Senior Accountant 1994-2011

David Hibbins

The role with First State Group was such an encompassing role. Starting as a relatively fresh accountant I quickly became involved in one of my loves, working with finance. This role was one of the most rewarding I had in my career. A business that had turnover in the low millions, increasing to turnover in the hundreds of millions. At one stage, in this business, I was involved in managing finance just nearing a billion dollars. Certainly over my tenure I worked in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars of finance and enjoyed liaising with senior banking figures as well as the usual planning and and strategic decisions that are involved at that level of business.

Lifetime Highlights


My family is wonderful and mean the world to me. During my travels in Asia i was lucky enough to meet a new life partner. There is certainty in family, they constant and immovable.

The happiest times I have are those spent with my family. During my years of spending so many hours at the office they were always there for me and of course my fondest memories when I pass from this life will be those good times that I have had.

Marine Biology

Currently I’m thoroughly enjoying working towards my Masters in Science. Marine Biology is my focus, I enjoy the creatures of the sea – both small and large. When it comes to the sea there is never enough time to learn and understand all the wondrous creatures that abound. My greatest fear is that i will not have enough time left to enjoy learning as much as I can about this part of my world.

Coast Guard

An active member of the Coast Guard on the Sunshine Coast I continue to learn more and more about the sea. Sometimes it can be a dangerous place to be and there can be no more comforting site than the Coast Guard boat speeding its way to you. The Coastguard do an amazing job with limited resources. Never hesitate to help them out when you can, you might save a life.


All my life I dreamed of being on a boat at sea. The discoveries, the challenges the excitement there is no better sport. It is such an adaptable sport, young or old, green or not I am so glad I became involved in this sport and I thank my Mentors who have brought me this far to date.

Mountain Biking

When you are feeling tired and life is looking hard to handle its so good to grab the Mountain Bike and head out to the trails. When adventuring from place to place I enjoy being able to take the time and ride around the country. There are few better ways to see a new place and really feel its atmosphere.


In this life there are times when we need to get back to nature and merge ourselves with what the world has to offer. Having spent some wonderful times hiking trails through the mountains and feeling refreshed I can only recommend that.

The Environment

Global Warming & Fossil Fuels

Temperature rise of 1.4 degrees. Bush-fires. Swarming Locusts.Extreme Weather.Gulf Stream.Sea Levels. Ocean Acidity. Declining wildlife. Search any of these key words. Understand what's happening on our earth.It is dramatic and it is scary and it is worthy of our attention.

Take Action

We can all take easy steps to help the environment. Do not give up it is not too late to help or too far gone. Reduce, Reuse Recycle - its easier than you think. Conserve your water. Volunteer to clean up. Join a group make your voice heard. Travel responsibly.


Its human nature to take little regard for the future. Its time to take that regard - don't leave it up to the few. Lets work together to make it the many. Time to stop taking advantage.

Live Life

Take time to enjoy your environment. Think how good it is and how you would like it to be forever. Don't discard it like single use plastic.

The Musings


Sailing is a world of its own. Compact and yet part of a whole. Learn about sailing adventures.

Mountain Biking

Riding a bike starts early but enjoying the serenity of riding a bike has to be valued, check out our trails.


Getting back to nature is essential for our sanity in this ever changing world we live. Come join us in nature.

Discovering Yourself

In a life that is short, don't wait to find out who you really are and what you want. Join me in a journey of discovery.

Born in the country my heart lies there, but with my consistently itchy feet I can be found moving from here to there. Always open to a red wine and a chat.
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